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Customer Testimonials


Shout out to Eric and Paul for having a great selection of corals and products!!!  Finally a place for Philly reefers to get what they need at great prices and selections.

-Jon J.


Beautiful, healthy, and well priced coral and knowledgeable staff. Thanks guys!

-Barry S.


I got my first order from @Philadelphia Aquatics and top notch packaging! UPS Ground delivered later than expected but that's not at all their fault. I only ordered some basic softies for the fuge and an interstellar mushroom. Shipment came in a Styrofoam container, double bagged, sealed, all in specimen cups and heat pack. These guys know how to pack and just unbelievable they offer the shipping option for an affordable price for their local customers.

- Judeo L.


Great Customer service. Nice looking corals, and the best part good prices !!!! Cant wait to go back !

- Rodolfo Z.


So I broke down and ordered from our new sponsor @Philadelphia Aquatics. I placed the ordered on Wednesday night and got my order today which is pretty quick I have to say. Shipping cost wasn't bad in fact might had been the cheapest I have done (I don't do many live fish ordering) of all corals I done. I also spent more money than I normally do for online orders but I had many choices I liked and would had kept going if I could. I ended up getting a:

  • GoldBranching Hammer (the key coral for why I ordered)
  • BirdnestCoral Birds of paradise (nice size fragged for the price)
  • Acropora Horida (something about it made me want it)

The box came in good shape 

I like how everything was packed. Didn't look like the items had much room to move around

I also liked how the heat pack was not mix in the bag with the corals but on the bottom of the box with cardboard over it then the box with the corals in it

I also like how each coral was in their own plastic cup fixed so they wouldn't bounce around. The label with the coral's name on it was a very nice touch (I gotten a shipment where I had no clue what was what or the black marker on the bag was faded and couldn't read it) - also some swag to go with my order

After floating in bucket of saltwater to match temp I then dipped them and all came out clean

Ended with turning my lights into ACC mode and placing the new corals in my tank

So far I am very please with my order and believe I would order more from Philadelphia Aquatics when I get a chance.

- James K


Just got my order from PA. In a word, excellent.
Packed well in styrofoam shipper with heat pack separated from frag container (which was hard plastic), plenty of packing, a hand written note, a coffee mug :) and a small welcome pack with fridge magnets, pens, and brochure.
Per the frag itself, I dropped $40 on a red monti. It did very well in shipping and is quite a generous size covering a large circular plug over the sides.
All in all a great first experience.

Thanks guys!

- Mark C


stopped in to see a new shop in the area, I guess it would be considered ne Philly. I’ve been chatting with the guys on fb for a while so stopped by just to meet them and chat. Great guys and the system is very nice to prevent disease and parasites on the corals. Not a huge inventory but not small in any definition of the word and seems like they will make every effort to accommodate your wants and needs. Corals are very fairly priced and for the time they take to acclimate and quarantine each piece you could consider the pricing very good. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up and if you’re in the area they are definitely worth a pit stop.... just call ahead so they can make sure they are there which they will do.

- Chris D.


Just a couple of guys really trying to do it the right way. Extremely knowledgeable with some great stock and very fair pricing. Really looking forward to see them grow and take over the area.

- Kerry C.


Amazing corals. Great owners running a great business.

- Jon T.


Very quick communication. Came to our home to help clean and maintain our daughter's fish tank. Very courteous and professional, went the extra mile, did a thorough job...the cost was also very fair...I would recommend and continue to use them. My fishes are very happy. Thank you!

 - Carissa C.


I just want said!!!!!! Thanks to this amazing people......I love every single coral in your store.... Beautiful..... Brighter......Clean.... Health's Corals....You will definitely see me again next Friday...Thanks again

 - Pedro C.