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Q:  How Is Shipping Calculated?
A:  Shipping is calculated automatically at checkout, it is calculated with a customer discount already applied.  Currently we are able to ship everywhere in the lower 48 states.  We do not ship internationally.
If you have questions about the shipping cost, or shipping destination, contact us at Sales@PhiladelphiaAquatics.com
UPS Shipping Calculator for Reference
Q:  How Do You Ship?
A:  Our Coral is packed just prior to being shipped.  Each frag is secured in a 4oz specimen container, the containers are then placed in a larger bag that is sealed, the bag is then placed in a Styrofoam shipping container with the appropriate heating or cooling pack.  Larger colonies that do not fit in specimen cups are triple bagged and placed in the container. 
Our Coral ships via UPS Next Day Air (1030).  At checkout you will also have the option to select UPS Next Day Air Early (0830) or UPS Next Day Air Saver (1500).  Our Arrive Alive Guarantee is only valid when your coral is shipped via UPS Next Day Air Early (0830) or UPS Next Day Air (1030).  Read More
Q:  Do you offer Local Pickup?
A:  Yes!  Local Pickup is available.  You need to contact us to set up a time that works best for everyone. 
Q: Do you have a store to visit?

A:  No,  We do not have a traditional retail store.  Yes, You can come visit us, Yes you can shop here.  All of the inventory that we have on site is listed on our website.  We encourage other reefers, pet lovers, and hobbyists in the neighborhood to call or text to make an appointment to stop by and see what we have.  If you ever catch yourself in a bind in the middle of the night and need something - let us know -  we can help you out and save you a trip the next morning!

Q:  Do you offer Refunds?
A:  No,  we do not offer refunds, we do offer store credit and product replacement in some cases.  Please refer to our Refund Policy located on our website for more information.
Q:  Do I have to create an account to shop at Philadelphia Aquatics?
A:  Yes, we do require that customers create an account prior to checkout.  It enables us (and you)  to track order history and frequency.  While checking out/ creating an account you will be added to our mailing list by default.  You have the ability to opt out at any time.  
Q:  Can I place an order and then have you hold it for awhile?
A:  Yes,  We will hold your order for up to 7 days at no additional charge.  When you place your order, just use the comments box to indicate when you want your order shipped or delivered.  If you need your order held for longer than 7 days you may be subject to additional charges.  We CANNOT be responsible for orders that are held longer than 7 days!  If you have a unique request send us an email!

If you have a question that is not answered here please let us know!