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We understand that many reefers “take a chance” when they are ordering coral online and having it shipped to their location.  I know we have had our share of bad experiences in the past with poor packing, falsely advertised coral and unwanted pests.  We want to take the worry away, when you  order from us you can be confident that you will receive healthy, pest free coral.
We guarantee that 100% of the coral that you have purchased will arrive alive, and stay alive for at least 5 days.  
 (Why only 5 days?  Simply because we cannot control how an individual's tank is maintained, flow, lighting, nutrients, etc.)
If a piece in your order is in fact dead on arrival or perishes within 5 days of you receiving your order we will issue you a store credit that can be applied to your next order.
 To receive credit for an item, the item must be dead.  The shipping process is a very stressful ordeal for each and every piece no matter how well it is packed and shipped.  Color loss and decreased polyp extension is a normal occurrence.  
 The following terms apply to our Arrive alive & Stay Alive Guarantee:
  •  You MUST CONTACT US within one hour of delivery with a photo of the dead coral  still in the bag attached.  If something arrives alive, but looks sick or damaged, send us an email with an attached photo to start a dialog and we will do whatever we can to help you attempt to nurse the coral back to health.  

  •  Do NOT dispose of the dead coral, we may ask that it be shipped back to us (a shipping label will be provided).

  •  If a coral falls ill after it arrives, take photos and email us.  We will track its progress with you.  You MUST email us with photos as soon as the coral starts to look sick in order to receive credit for this item.  

  •  If for any reason your package does not arrive by 10:30 or is delayed for any reason you MUST contact us ASAP so we can get in contact with our UPS Rep directly.

  •  Your tank must be fully cycled and you must acclimate your coral appropriately.  If you have a new tank, or are newer to the hobby, please contact us first, we will be more than happy to discuss what coral are most appropriate for your tank.  Coral acclimation and care guidelines are posted on our website.

  • Coral MUST be shipped via UPS Next Day Air® in order for our Arrive Alive &Stay Alive Guarantee to be valid. 

  • Failure to comply with the above terms will void any guarantee.

In the event of extreme hot or cold weather, we may request that you have your package held at a UPS Customer Center  (www.ups.com) instead of having it delivered to your home.  This greatly reduces the stress that the coral must endure during shipment.  If this is not practical for you due to your location, we may opt to hold off on shipping your item until the weather forecast is more favorable.  
 If it is forecasted to snow on the day of your delivery, we suggest that you reschedule.  You know your local weather better than us.  In cases of extreme weather conditions UPS will not reimburse US or YOU for weather delays.  If your package is delayed due to weather our arrive alive and stay alive guarantee is void.  
All coral orders are shipped in a sealed styrofoam shipping container that is secured in a new, undamaged shipping carton that is clearly marked fragile as well as perishable. Frags are individually packed in either 4oz. Specimen containers with foam to stabilize them during shipment or a heat sealed 4mil plastic bag.  Heat or Cold packs are utilized as necessary to maintain temperature during shipment.
 All coral are shipped UPS Next Day Air®.  UPS guarantees delivery by 10:30am when shipped by this method.  If your package is not in your hands by 10:30am contact us immediately.  We will contact UPS and attempt to locate and expedite the final delivery of your product.
We ship Monday - Thursday.  Please specify in checkout what day you want to RECEIVE your order!
 You can continue to add to your order up until the day it ships.
The shipping price quoted at checkout is for a small box containing one - seven frags.  If you order more than that your order will be packaged in the next size up shipping container that can hold up to 16-18 frags.  If you order more than 16-18 frags we will pack them in the smallest number of boxes possible.  There will be additional shipping charges for additional boxes.  The actual shipping amount will be discussed with you prior to your order being shipped.
Do NOT under any circumstances refuse a shipment.  If the package is late or damaged please contact us so we can look into it. 
If you refuse a shipment or are not home to receive the shipment all guarantees are void.
We will hold your order for up to 7 days at no additional charge.  When you place your order, just use the comments box to indicate when you want your order shipped or delivered.  If you need you order held for longer than 7 days you may be subject to additional charges.  We CANNOT be responsible for orders that are held longer than 7 days!  If you have a unique request send us an email!
All inventory is tracked by our online store.  If something is sold it will appear as “sold out” and you will not be able to place it in your shopping cart.  There will be rare occurrences where multiple customers may have the same item in their carts, in this case when you attempt to check out you will be notified that the item is no longer available.  In the extremely rare occurrence that a coral is “double-sold” we will offer you a substitution or a store credit to be used in the future.  
If we feel that a coral that you have purchased isn’t looking as healthy as it was when photographed, we will contact you to let you know.  We will not ship any coral that we don’t feel is 100% healthy and ready for your system.  If this is the case we will reach out to you immediately.  We will not make substitutions without your approval.  If we are not able to get a hold of you we will not ship your order until we have.  
 Our coral photos are taken under 20k halides.  They are not photo-shopped.  However, corals will look different in your tank than they do ours.  We have no control over others lighting and tank parameters.  You are more than welcome to request additional pictures of a piece of coral before it is shipped to you.
We do not offer refunds on coral.  We will offer you store credit.  
 Shipping is non refundable.
 If you purchased aquarium supplies and the item is found to not be in working order upon its arrival, email us immediately.  If the product is damaged you can ship it back to us (at your expense) and we will send you a replacement product at our expense.  Products must be returned in their original, undamaged packaging.   If a replacement is not available in a timely manner we will issue you a refund for the price of the product.  Once the item has been used we cannot offer a replacement or refund.  
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!