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We offer a variety of services to both local and long distance customers. If there is something you think we can do for you, and it isn't outlined below, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page! We will always try to help!

Questions or Concerns with your home or office aquarium? Let us help!
Reach out anytime if you need advice or someone to bounce ideas off even if it's something as small as testing your water, we can help! While this service is tailored toward the more novice reefer anyone is welcome to contact us.

We are available to come help in an emergency, however we are no longer providing long term aquarium maintenance.  We recommend Dydek Aquarium Maintenance, serving the greater Philadelphia area.  They are reachable on facebook, CLICK HERE.

We offer water testing on site or in your home. We carry and use Red Sea, Hanna, and API testing kits. Triton ICP send away kits are also available. Water testing rates shown in the store are base rates and will vary based on travel, time, supplies, etc. Please contact us for more information prior to checking out

Our water testing is as follows, Red Sea pro kits are used for dKH, magnesium, calcium and nitrate, Hannah phosphate checker for phosphate, and API for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate pending accuracy required. Salinity is measured via refractometer and we have pH meters on hand for accurate pH readings; however, this is only applicable to at-home measurements. Transported water will not maintain a representative pH.

Our par meter is available to rent at $25.00/day pickup at the store. Please contact us prior to checking out with this in your cart. Additional charges may apply based on travel and time if you would like us to do the measurements for you. We try to post par meter unavailable dates on our calendar.

We take pride in keeping healthy water. We have a 400 gallon per day RO system with standard low micron pre-filters as well as chloramine specific pre-filters, and multiple DI chambers. We regularly test at various check points for chlorine/chloramine levels.

We have RODI and premixed Saltwater available (Instant Ocean Sea Salt (higher alkalinity) or Aqua Forest pro-biotic reef salt (lower alkalinity)). We keep a limited supply on hand in order to preserve freshness. If you require a large quantity (40 gallons+) please contact us prior to ordering so we can have it ready for you! This is available for local pickup only. Bring your own containers; however, if needed we have a limited quantity of containers available for purchase in our store. For a negotiable fee (not fixed) we can work out delivery if there is no other option for you.


For more information contact us.