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HM Digital pH Electrode Storage Solution

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HM Digital pH Electrode Storage Solution Information

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TDS Calibration SolutionspH BuffersORP Buffers & Test KitpH/ORP Electrode Storage SolutionTDS/EC SensorsController CoverWater Flow SwitchFlow Sensor pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution 
  • For use with HM Digital's PH-200 and ORP-200. Always make sure your sensor is kept in an electrode storage solution. If dry, refill the cap with the OP-STOR storage solution.
  • Part #OP-STOR
  • For use with the PH-200 or ORP-200
  • Convenient size
  • Total volume: 60 cc
  • Contents: Specially formulated KCl solution for pH and ORP electrodes (sensors)
  • Bottle: Combination twist off and eyedropper style cap