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Coral Frag Plugs Large - 5 pack

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Approximate size 1.25" diameter crown with 3/8"- 1/2" base 


From the manufacturer:

    Coral frag plugs are made of a mixture of sand and cement also known as concrete plugs.

    The coral plugs are cured in RO/DI water with water change every 2 days for 4 weeks until the water PH level stable before pulling out to dry and ready to ship out to customer.

    Through experience and testing of our product. It's safe to add 1 frag plugs per gallon and slowly introducing little by little through out the week. To unsure that if any plugs should leach. The skimmer or your filtration system will have the opacity to remove the leach from your system before it effect any of your coral.
         1 plugs = 1 gallon
         100 plugs = 100 gallon