Omega Sea Premium Marine Salt - 60 gallon

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This revolutionary mix is made with the purest raw materials in a unique pharmaceutical-grade blending process, ensuring a superior seawater that will exceed the expectations of hobbyists and scientists alike. By using low-moisture, anhydrous ingredients, our salt contains less water, stays drier, dissolves faster and produces 20% more seawater than traditional salts.

Plus, with an ionic composition nearly identical to natural levels, OmegaSea Premium Marine Salt will create the ideal environment for even the most delicate marine fish and invertebrates.

Sizes Available: 
60 Gallon Tear-Proof Bag
Typical Ionic Concentration:
Salinity - 35ppt
pH - 8.2
Calcium - 408ppm
Magnesium - 1270ppm
Carbonate/Bicarbonate - 180ppm
Nitrate - 0
PO4 - 0


*Yield results based on mixing to a salinity of 1.021


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