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Rod's Food Coral Blend

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The Coral Blend is designed for the advanced hobbyist who wants to feed a fish-less frag system or a nano tank without fish. Note that this is a specialty blend that is often misused. If you have fish of any size, try using our other blends, most likely the Original Blend, will be a better choice.

Whole shrimp, scallop, whole oyster, whole clam, squid, brine shrimp, plankton, fish eggs, mini-pellets (5 to 1,000 micron), rotifers, baby brine shrimp, Spirulina, omega-3 fatty acids (DHA), astaxanthins, and beta-carotenes.


  • Maximum moisture content: 82%
  • Minimum protein: 9.78%
  • Minimum fat content: 2.56%
  • Maximum fiber content: 0.6%
  • Maximum ash content: 2.2%

Package Size:
2-oz. package

Coral Blend Specs

  • Feeds: Coral only reefs or coral frag tanks. Do not use if you have fish.
  • Contains: Balanced mixture for corals only.
  • How to feed: Feed daily, preferably twice a day. Thaw in small amount of tank water and pour into high flow area.

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